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Washer Repair
Waukesha & Milwaukee Counties

Lake Country washing machine repair Waukesha MilwaukeeYour washing machine has been your trusted "servant" for many years but now you find:

  • Water on the floor
  • A lot of noise
  • Water still in the washer after it completes the cycle
  • Clothes are not clean

You need your clean laundry now and depend on the machine and a crisis is at hand. Call Lake Country Repair now and their repairmen will be out shortly to take care of the crisis for you! We can repair all brands and provide washer repair services in Waukesha, Milwaukee counties plus Lake Country.

Lake Country washer repair Waukesha Milwaukee countiesThere are basically three types of washers on the market today:

  • Top loading
  • Front loading
  • High Efficiency (HE) Top-Loading Washer (a hybrid solution)

The most noticeable difference is the location where you place your clothes in the washer, as the name suggests, a top loaded opens on top and a front loader opens on the front (side) of the machine.

Some pros and cons of the different washers


 Type Pro
 Top Loading
Can add items throughout cycle
Uses lots of water
  Quick cycle
Less spinning so wetter clothes at end of cycle
 Font Loading
Energy and water efficient
Longer cycle
  Better cleaning Need to bend to move laundry
Space efficient as washer and dryer can be stacked
More vibration / but drier clothes
 HE Top-Loading
Better cleaning Not stackable

Front loading washing machines work differently and require a different laundry soap to be used in them. So if you just got your first front-loading machine and you find soap suds on the floor in front of your washer, most likely you used either too much soap or used your "old" detergent from your top-loading machine. Purchase high efficiency laundry detergent for your new machine, use the correct amount and you will no longer experience this problem.

Let Lake Country Repair take a look at your washer BEFORE there is a problem and you have had it for 8-10 years. Chances are that the hoses are starting to break down, internal filters are getting clogged and the chances of you finding water on the floor or water in the washer at the end of the cycle are increasing. Some preventative maintenance of cleaning and replacing worn parts goes a long way.

Before something really goes wrong, call us today for washing machine repair services in Waukesha, Milwaukee, or the Lake Country areas.


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