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Oven and Stove-top issues always happen at the most inopportune time. Just when you are planning a dinner party with a lot of guests the oven or stove-top decides it is time to not work properly.  Cooktop issues usually involve just a single burner so you can limp though your cooking while using the other stove top burners. Ovens however are a different story.

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Common Oven Issues

  • Is your gas or electric oven heating unevenly giving you a burnt cake on one side and a partially cooked one on the other?
  • Not heating at all?
  • Do you smell gas when you use the oven (if you have a gas oven)?
  • Do you feel extreme heat coming through the door seal in certain locations?
  • Broiler not working leaving you with a raw steak?

If you answered yes to any of these, it is time to give Lake Country Repair a call to come and fix the problem. Whether you have a GE, Whirlpool, Amana, Viking, Bosch or other brand oven or range we can repair these. We will test all the components, replace broken parts and clean where needed to get your appliance working like brand new again.We cover stove and oven repair in Waukesha, Milwaukee Counties plus the Lake Country area.

Common Range Issues

Lake Country Repair can work on your gas or electric range top. We service all brands and models from gas burners, simple electric coil stoves to sealed glass or ceramic electric range tops and ranges with built in grillers. We will get you the correct brand burner for your stove!

How do I know if my gas range burns correctly?

If the flame of your gas range burners steady and is slightly rounded, with a light-blue tip, all is well. The flame should be quiet and should respond to adjustments made with the control knobs.

If the flame is yellow, it's not receiving enough air and if the flame is high or makes a roaring noise, it's getting too much air. Stop wasting gas and dealing with blackened pans, call us today to correct this problem for you.

Call us today for stove and oven repair services in Waukesha, Milwaukee, or the Lake Country areas.

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