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Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in New Berlin, WI

Are you not sure if your furnace is ready for the winter, or your air conditioning for the summer? Don't know the best local company to call? Give Lake Country Repair a call. Our experienced commercial and residential HVAC contractors service the entire Milwaukee metropolitan  area including of course New Berlin Wisconsin.

New Berlin is a "young" Milwaukee suburb at just 50 years old. Famous for the New Berlin park system, with 845 acres of parks and conservancy areas. The New Berlin parks offer many recreational uses for all seasons, including soccer, biking, playgrounds, cross-country skiing, walking, and golfing. A suburb that maintains its rural feel, yet is incredible close to all the big city amenities.

Lake Country Repair is a full service heating and cooling service provider, from annual maintenance, installation, to major repair or replacement. Our HVAC business has you covered.

We are known for honesty and you can rest assured that we will not make any unnecessary repair suggestions and will let you know when we feel that repairs on an older unit are not cost effective. Check out our quality reviews.

New Berlin Testimonial

Integrity and Ownership
I had a problem with my 5 year old washer and Doug came out to diagnose the problem immediately. Unfortunately it was a major part that he had to order and it would take about 3 days to get in. As soon as it came in he came back to my house and tried to remove the motor and after trying for 1 hour he was unsuccessful. Extremely apologetic for not being able to remove it he recommended to me what type of washer to get and even helped me look it up online to understand what I was looking for. I took his advice and it is amazing! Integrity and ownership of a professional who not only likes what he does but his customers are always satisfied and know they are receiving the best customer service possible!! Way to go LAKE COUNTRY REPAIR!!!
Marni L., New Berlin WI

Some of the best things you can do to make your furnace or air conditioner last the longest:

  • Replace your filters- depending on the type, this is a once a month, once a quarter or annual replacement
  • Get your HVAC units serviced before the seasons start and avoiding the rush
    • April or May for Air Conditioning
    • August September for heating
  • Keep HVAC air intakes clear of debris

 Your annual furnace checkup will include:

  • Inspect and clean furnace blower assembly
  • Lubricate motor and inspect and replace fan belt if needed (older models only)
  • Check combustion blower housing
  • Inspection of all major components like
    • evaporator coil
    • drain pan
    • condensate drain lines.
    • burner assemby
    • ignition system
    • heat exchanger
    • flue system
    • controls
    • wiring and connections
  • Inspect for gas leaks in gas furnaces
  • Clean or replace furnace filter

*Note: this list is not meant to be 100% inclusive of all the checks we do, it only represents a short synopsis of checks.

The AC annual check up will include

  • clean the air-conditioner coils
  • correct pressurizing of system
  • adding coolant if needed
  • Inspection of all major components like
    • fan motor and blades
    • controls
    • compressor

*Note: this list is not meant to be 100% inclusive of all the checks we do, it only represents a short synopsis of checks.

We also will run your HVAC system to check for noises and proper heating and cooling of all areas.

You wouldn't dream of never changing the oil in your car, so treat your  heating and cooling unit on which you depend to have a warm or cool home with some TLC in the form of an annual check-up.

Give our New Berlin WI HVAC repair experts a call today at (262) 443-4492

New Berlin Zip Codes: 53146, 53151, 53227 and 53228.

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