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Milwaukee and Waukesha Home Heating Rules

There are many rules that apply to home heating in Wisconsin for both landlords and home owners alike.

Carrier FurnaceLake Country Repair is well versed in what the current rules and regulations are and we work hard at always staying up to date on the latest changes. Your heating system is not just your furnace, it includes your thermostats, duct-work, chimney and depending on your way of heating your home possibly a boiler.  We are factory trained on many heating systems giving you piece of mind that your Milwaukee and Waukesha heating system is maintained or installed correctly.

There are many rules that govern a home heating system:

  • Sizing of the system - making sure that your system will be able to maintain at least a 67 degree temperature in the winter throughout the entire apartment or home under all weather conditions.
  • Distribution systems (ductwork for gas heating for example) - shall be sized and located to satisfy the heating and cooling loads of each. conditioned space. This is also governed by several standards like ASHRAE, SMACNA and NAIMA for example.
  • Ventilation - all exhaust vents should vent to the outside and air intakes and exhaust will have dampers that close when system is not in use.
  • Balancing - balance the heating system so that the temperatures are even throughout the home.
  • Clearances - based on the type of heating system (electric, gas, wood etc.)

To get a feel for the complexity of the rules check out this link:

For instance, did you know that a landlord must be able to maintain a rental unit at 67 degrees as a minimum?

State law also states that you cannot be disconnected from a heating source from November through April 15th? Please note tho that you MUST be connected to the energy provider PRIOR to November 1st.

If you are struggling to pay your Milwaukee heating bill, apply for assistance through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP)

Read our blog series: Is your home ready for winter for tips on saving money on your Milwaukee heating bills.

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