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    Your Stove is Flashing an Error Code - Now What

    Monday, August 22, 2016

    Is your stove or stove/oven combination display flashing an error code? What should you do? Often the owners manual will have a list of explanations for the code if you can put your fingers to it and remember where you have kept it. I for one will put it in a safe place - which I think is logical at that time to then never remember where I put it. The one thing you can do is call Lake Country Repair, sometimes we are able to tell you what a particular code means and what repair may be needed, with a rough cost estimate.

    Gas Stove BurnerThings That Can Go Wrong With Your Stove or Oven.

    • Keypad has failed and needs replacing
    • Oven sensory is faulty
    • Door security for self cleaning cycle has failed
    • Internal component has failed

    Other Special Oven or Stove Features.

    Sabbath Mode: Most appliances these days have automatic shut offs after 6 to 12 hours as a fire prevention safety feature. For Jewish indidviduals whom adhere to the Sabbath, this is a problem. While according to Halakha, raw food may not be cooked on the Shabbat, food that was already cooked beforehand may be kept warm until mealtime. But with these automatic shut offs, food would not be able to be held warm until the next day. Most appliances have a Sabbath mode where this feature can be overridden.


    Auto Shutdown: Cooktops that have staggered burners and have an auto–shutdown function for those with some disabilities or those forgetful individuals that forget to turn off the stove!

    Convertible fuel: Ovens and stove tops that can burn natural gas or LP gas without having the swap parts.

    Read more about ovens and stove tops here...

    Clearing Error Codes

    Sometimes an error code is displayed without an actual break down occuring. Before calling Lake Country Repair for a service call, turn off the breaker that the stove is hooked up to, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. Sometimes all that is needed is a reboot, much like your computer. If this does not clear the error, you know that there is a real problem and it is time to call (262) 443-4492.

    Read More about Kitchen Stove on Wikipedia.

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