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    Wine Refrigerators

    Friday, June 06, 2014

    There are many types of wine refrigerators on the market these days. They range from:

    • Built in (under counter or bar)
    • Freestanding
    • Counter Top
    • Furniture Style
    • Dual Zone

    All of these are appliances that Lake Country Repairs can service and maintain for you to always have the optimal temperature bottle of wine on hand.

    Why invest in a wine fridge?

    Wine keeps best at a temperature around 55ºF in a certain humidity range and out of direct  sunlight. It is also nice to have one location where you store all your wines.

    What is a wine cooler?

    Basically a stand alone unit that holds bottles of wine at a specific temperature. Some have dual zones where you can keep your reds at one temperature and your whites a little cooler. They are designed to store wine for longer periods to keep the wines in optimal condition.

    What hurts a wine?

    • Temperature swings - temperatures over 70º will age a wine prematurely
    • Large humidity changes
    • Light

    Why not use my refrigerator?

    Fridges get too cold for the wine and the low humidity in a fridge will dry out the corks potentially starting air leaks into the wine bottle.

    Lake Country Repair can help you maintain your wine cooler. Temperature sensors/ thermostats can break or stop functioning correctly, door seals can get cracked, fans can stop working.

    There are basically two types of wine coolers,thermoelectric or compressor based.

    Compressor based coolers work much the same as your refrigerator. They generally use more electricity than a thermoelectric cooler, but will maintain your wines as the perfect temperature, whether it is 100ºF outside of the unit or 60ºF. They tend to be a bit noisier than the thermoelectric cooler.

    Thermoelectric coolers are great if they are placed in an area where the temperature is fairly constant as they typically can not cool more than a 20ºF temperature difference. They are quieter than the compressor based units but you will still hear a fan running to distribute the cool air in the cooler. They use less energy than the compressor based wine cooler.

    Do you have a winecooler? We would love to hear your experiences with this. Leave us a comment!

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