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Shopping for a dishwasher

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Are you shopping for a dishwasher for the first time in 10 or more years? You will be in for a surprise as things are changing!


  • Steam prewash
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified germ killing sanitation setting
  • Water saving settings other than a quick wash setting
  • Separate wash zones

Steam Prewash Cycle

A Steam prewash cycle starts loosening the baked and stuck on food particles on your dishes before the main wash cycle starts to help create super clean dishes.

“How is this done”, you might ask? The steam is generated by starting the dishwasher and using just enough water to get the dishes wet. Then the water stops and the heating element in the bottom of the dishwasher turns on. Now the wet dishes will drip on the hot element creating steam.

Germ Killing Sanitation

Concerned about germs, or having an immune compromised individual in your home? Look for a NSF/ANSI standard 184 rated dishwasher. Our kitchens, and not bathrooms, are often our germiest places in our homes. The NSF requires that the water temperature needs to reach 150F inside your dishwasher to be called a sanitation cycle and it needs to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria. Commercial dishwashers under NSF/ANSI 3 must even reach 165 degrees for stationary rack washers and 180F for all others.

Water SavingWater Savings

Some of the new dishwasher are truly becoming more environmentally friendly. Bosh has a dishwasher that only uses 2.9 gallons of water to clean your dishes versus the average of 4 gallons for most washers. That is a slightly more than 25% reduction in water used per load. Especially in the more arid states of CA and AZ, every gallon of water saved is one. But even for us in Southeastern WI, with drier summer, we should be aware and help as much as we can.

Separate Wash Zones

Have a smaller household and simply do not fill the whole dishwasher for days. Look for a washer with separate wash zones. These often allow you to clean just the top or bottom rack when you don’t have a full load.

Other washes allow you to spray the water inside your dishwasher at different intensities so that pots and pans will get clean at the same time, with more forcefully sprayed water, as your delicate dishes when loaded into the correct wash zone in your washer.

Dishwashers are one of the easiest appliances to see if they are doing a good job. Clean dishes, good job, left over food items on dishes, not so good. However, not a single dishwasher with fancy features can do the job it promises if the machine is not loaded correctly or inproper detergents and rinse aids are used. We all do not like to read manuals but this is the one instance that flipping to the, “How to load the dishwasher”, page and taking a look at the image is well worth it. Then flip to the, “Best detergents and Rinse Aids”, section and use the recommended products.

This will keep your machine in good working order. Still having a problem and you have followed all the manufactures recommendations? Then give Lake Country Repairs a call and we will see what is wrong with your machine and repair your dishwasher. We are just a phone call away in the greater Milwaukee area. We can get your dishwasher part, whether it is a Miele or a Whirlpool!

Our expert technicians will quickly diagnose and troubleshoot your dishwasher problem and we will schedule your service call at your convenience. Our rates are reasonable and our customers love us. Read our reviews.

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