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Latest HVAC Trends

Friday, October 20, 2017

Did you know that HVAC regulations are not the same everywhere in the US? In our Northern climate, regulations state that a new furnace must be at least 90% efficient. In the South, they only have to be 80% efficient!

Smart HomeAs our society changes and gets more automated, and we all become more and more accustomed to controlling many things from our phones or tablets, the HVAC industry is following as well. Learning more about regional differences and the ability to capture those through "big data" and even social media, allows the industry to see trends and changes and differences much sooner and quicker than ever before. This helps in developing new smart apps and systems optimized for local climates. For instance, it makes no sense to measure up the heating needs of a home in the South the same way as in the North!

Since heating and cooling systems are expensive, it is important to maintain them as best as we can. Most heating and cooling system will work at peak efficiency for 10-15 years, if they are properly maintained. Using the experts at Lake Country Repair for an annual inspection and maintenance visit will help keep your system running at peak efficiency for many years.

Programable ThermostatIn need of a new heating system? It is vitally important to "size up" your home correctly. The square footage, age, depth of insulation all are factors in this determination. For air conditioning even the type of refrigerant makes a difference. Lake Country Repair is well versed in this and will not sell you a furnace that is under of overpowered for your South Eastern WI home. Learn more about heating and cooling.

Concerned about clean indoor air?

Should I invest in an electronic air cleaner?

This is a somewhat personal preference, but electronic air cleaners are 40x more efficient than a standard furnace filter. With rising levels of particulates in the air and still increasing instances of Asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases, the demand for electronic filters is growing. Electronic filters will last a long time with proper regular cleaning. A regular furnace filter will clog over time and will need replacing. An electronic filter collects the particles, then as they "stick" the electric charge makes them grow (agglomerate) on the filter,  then they fall off into the accumulation chamber from which they are then easily removed. This system only requires emptying out and the filter will always work at a high efficiency level. Where a non electronic filter will become clogged and cause the furnace to need to work harder to get air through the filter.

If you have any questions about your heating and cooling system, give Lake Country Repair a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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