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    How to Save Money Using Your Home Heating Systems

    Friday, October 21, 2016

    Today we will take a quick look at how you can save money with some of these energy tips depending on your heating system. Did you know that if you have radiant heat that it is better not to set your thermostat back much?

    Energy Efficient Home

    General Non Heating System Dependent Tips

    • Clean or replace filters as recommended – often this is once a month but other high efficiency filters only need replacing once a year.
    • Make sure that registers, baseboard heaters or radiators are not blocked by furniture, drapes, carpeting and toys.
    • Turn off exhaust fans in bathrooms, or range hoods, when no longer needed, they suck warm air out of your home on cold winters days.
    • Close draperies at night and make sure that especially on south facing windows you open them during the day.
    • If shopping for a new heating system look for high efficiency products and look for ENERGY STAR ratings.

    Forced Air Systems

    Use a programmable thermostat and set back the temperature at night when sleeping and during the day when you are not home. One word of caution, if the temperature dips to below zero, and you have an older system, it may become difficult for your thermostat to raise the temperature in time for your normal waking hours’ comfort level. Most newer thermostats will sense the outside temperature and start their warming cycle sooner if the temperature gets very low. The energy savings however become less if the difference between outside and inside temperature becomes very large and your home is not well insulated. Of course never set a thermostat so low that you risk freezing your pipes.

    Radiator Hot Water Heating

    Eliminate trapped air in the system once or twice a hating season. Not sure how to do this, let Lake Country Repair assist you.

    Put radiator reflectors between the outside walls and the radiator to bounce the heat back into the room.

    Heat Pump

    There are four types of heat pump, air to air, water source, absorption and geothermal

    With our temperature extremes in summer and winter, an air to air heat pump is not used as much in WI. Especially in winter, use minimal temperature set-backs for these types of systems.

    Absorption heat pumps are for use in large homes or commercial settings.

    Whichever heating system you use - Lake Country Repair can maintain and service your system.

    Heating & Cooling

    Your heating & cooling should not call attention to itself with incorrect temperature output or unwanted noise in your home or building.


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