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    Freezer Tips and Tricks

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    A freezer really is a great appliance, especially this time of year when you have even the smallest of garden.  No matter how small, you will always end up with an overabundance of a vegetable or fruit.

    Freezing this is usually the quickest and easiest way to preserve the fruit or veggie for a later date.

    To keep a freezer in good condition the following tips are very helpful:

    • Place freezer in a cool place, not a hot garage
    • Maintain proper temperature- you can test by leaving a thermometer in a cup of vegetable oil in the freezer overnight. The oil will not freeze so you will be able to easily check and clean up. - best temperature- 0ºF.
    • Clean freezer inside and defrost once a year.
    • Vacuum the coils.
    • Check that there are no leaks, place a credit card in the door seal, and close the door. It should stay put and be difficult to move.
    • Load food items evenly so that the airflow is not obstructed.

    Residential versus Commercial Freezers

    Most people will have a freezer somewhat smaller than the refrigerator and commercial clients will have walk in freezers. Large walk in freezers require more maintenance due to their heavier work load and size. Lake Country Repair can maintain your home freezer or your large commercial walk in freezer. We have experience with both.

    Commercial Freezer Maintenance

    • Visual inspection of all systems - twice a year
    • Clean coils and blades
    • Check all fans and check for air obstruction
    • Inspect wiring and components
    • Check refrigeration cycle

    Walk in freezers are used heavily in the food service industry and maintaining your freezer is critical for safe operations. To help you save some operating money, make sure you have strip curtains to lower heat gain to the walk-in when loading or walking into the unit. Whether you have a Hussman, Norlake, Bally, CCI, Kysor or other brand walk in freezer, we can help.

    Heating & Cooling

    Your heating & cooling should not call attention to itself with incorrect temperature output or unwanted noise in your home or building.


    Appliance Repair

    Don't worry about your high-end appliances. We are factory-trained, professionals who want to keep all your appliances running as they should.


    Commercial Refrigeration

    Keep your refrigeration equipment running at its best. Ask about our regular maintenance program to avoid unwanted equipment downtime.