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Dryer Features and Tips

Friday, November 10, 2017

Today we will explore some features that you may find while shopping for a dryer and help you decide if these are worth extra moneys or not.

Overall Dryer Usage Tips

  • Do not throw the wad of wet clothes from the washer as a wad into the dryer. Split things out, shake them and place them loosely in the drum.
  • Always run a full load, but do not overload!
  • Pick the right setting and do not mix delicate items with general usage items like towels or sheets
  • Don’t add additional wet items to a partially dry load, also opening the door during the cycle will add time to it as the warm air escaped and the dryer need to warm up again.

Clothes LineThe least expensive dryer option is of course the clothes line. Which works well in our summers, but not so much in the winter.

Dryer Features Perhaps Not worth Extra Money

Steam Options:

They remove some wrinkles but 100% cotton items that tend to wrinkle a lot will still come out more wrinkled than you would like, and ironing will still be necessary. These cycles do remove a bit more potential odor but if you are looking for that miracle dryer that will take items that tend to wrinkle and need ironing having them closet ready straight out of the dryer is still a bit of a stretch.

Often your best defense to wrinkles is to remove the clothing immediately after completion of the dryer cycle. Shake out the shirts and hang them on hangers right away.

Smart dryers that let you schedule to run loads during off times

As We Energies calls it Time of Use Savings Program. Off peak times are early mornings, nights and weekends. Your off-peak electric rates are lower but your on-peak rates are slightly higher than for customers whom do not choose this option. So, if you are using this program, you would do well switching electric usage as much as possible to the off-peak times. Please also remember that you will need to have a special meter installed for this to apply.

Of course when you have a gas dryer, none of this applies to you.


When to Call Lake Country Repair for Service

  • Your dryer will not start- This could mean a broken door latch. Check to see if there is anything obstructing the latch and clear away obstructions, if the dryer still does not latch, it’s time to call.
  • Dryer makes loud unusual noises. After you have checked if there are coins, a wad of clothing or a shoe in the dryer and have remedied this and the dryer still makes “strange noises” its time!
  • Taking a long time to dry items. After you check and clean your lint filter, outside vent, (Yes, snow can obstruct at first as well, until the warm air melts it.) temperature in the room above 45 F? If air flow is not obstructed and your room is not cold, it’s time.

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