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    Did you know that indoor air often is more polluted than the outdoor air?

    Monday, July 11, 2016

    Eventho most of us have closed our windows to keep the heat out of our homes now during these warm days of summer, we tend to think we have also closed our homes to dust, pollen and allergens. However, this is not true and we have now trapped the pollen, dust, molds and other allergens into our homes with little chance to get out. Ever gotten some new carpeting and found the odor in your home from the out-gassing of chemicals from the carpeting to be sneeze worthy? What do you do, you open the windows to get rid of the smell! You can also read more about this problem in a prior blog entry about air purification.

    Home Ventilation SystemNow that it is hot outside, this is not really an option, who wants to invite the hot humid air inside? So we keep the windows closed and with our tight seals on windows and doors now stand to have indoor air up to five times as polluted as the outdoor air. Did you know that an average 6 room home will collect about 40 pounds of dust each year!

    You can combat this problem with an energy efficient home ventilator/ cleaning system. This system will even save you some money as it preconditions air that enters the home with the outgoing air to reduce humidity and combined with a high quality filter in your heating and cooling system, over 95% of all allergens are removed from the air that you breath. Bringing relief to the asthma and hay fever occupants of your home. Did you know that indoor air contaminants are responsible for aggravating or causing half of all illnesses?

    Even tho we are not in the radon remediation business, we should not fail to mention that we live in an area of the country where our basements are quite capable of trapping this other indoor air contaminant called radon that we can not see, feel or smell. So as a part of your quest to improve your indoor air quality and live healthier, you should also test your home for the presence of radon gas.

    Call Lake Country Repair today to learn more about home ventilation in combination with your heating and cooling system. We are expert HVAC contractors for Brookfield WI and other western and northern Milwaukee suburbs.

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