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Common Problems with Washers

Friday, November 03, 2017

With close to 50% of the households now having a high efficiency washer, we would like to explore some of the more common problems people can experience with these. Some of these you can even analyze and correct yourself!

Are you using the correct amount of detergent?

Front Loading Washing MachineIf you have recently switched to a high efficiency washer, you may be using too much detergent. We all get comfortable with using a certain amount of detergent and having to remember to use less often takes a little while to make it part of a new routine.

If you are using up your “old non-high efficient detergent”, use half of what you are used to. High-efficiency washer use about 20-25 gallons of water compared to around 40 gallons for the non-high efficiency washers. If you are using non-high efficiency pods, stop using them and give them to a friend and buy a new box of pods designed for high-efficiency washers!

If you have a water softener, as many in our greater Milwaukee area do, use even less detergent. For liquid measurements, use 25% less than is stated on the container. You should still be able to use one pod if you are using those, but never make the mistake of thinking that when you have an extra dirty load to use two pods or more detergent thinking it would do a better job of cleaning. It will not, the pods or normal measurements are optimized for the amount of water your machine uses and by concentrating the detergent you make it harder for the machine to clear the suds and rinse away the dirt.

Laundry DetergentHow can you tell if the amount of detergent you used is correct?

If your clothes:

  • feel soapy
  • you see detergent residue
  • brights look dull and whites look grey
  • your new washer smells bad

You are using too much detergent!

Other problems


DrainAlways made sure that your drain hoses are no crushed or kinked and drains are not clogged. There is a fair amount of lint and fuzz that leaves the washer with the rinse water and it can cause your plumbing drains to clog up. Running some drain cleaner on a regular basis through your drain or adding a hose filter that you regularly clean to the end of the hose would resolve and prevent potential problems.

Never seal the standpipe. It can create back siphoning if it is sealed.

Is the end of the drain hose above the water level of the tub? It must be for proper drainage of the tub. This may sound counter intuitive but that is why you have a pump in your washer to make sure the water leaves to tub or drum.

Make sure there are no foreign objects in the washer. We have all forgotten to check a pocket only to find laundered money, coins, rocks, nails, pins, tissues and whatever else in our washers. These items can also get jammed into the machine somewhere and obstruct water flow.

If you cannot get your washer to work and call Lake Country Repair, please do tell us if you suspect a foreign object in your washer somewhere. Knowing that there is a real possibility of a jammed coin somewhere helps us diagnose and find your problems quicker, thereby saving you money!

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