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    Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Central air conditioners, or AC consists of two main parts. A condenser, which is the outside unit with a fan and an evaporator which is mounted inside near the furnace inside the home. The AC uses the furnace's motor and blower and the existing duct work of the home so it is important to maintain both the AC and the furnace for optimal performance.

    Central air conditioners should be professionally inspected and adjusted before the beginning of every cooling season. Believe it or not, after our brutally cold and long winter, summer heat is just around the corner so now is an excellent time to give Lake Country Repair a call for the annual AC check-up. Call before you discover that things are not cooling like they should and before you have a miserably hot house!

    The one thing you can do right now as you clean the yard and watch things starting to grown is to make sure that your condenser unit (the outside AC part) is clean and not obstructed by large bushes or trees or is full of Fall leaves. Hose down the area and trim any bushes that are too close. You want to make sure that you have great air-flow to your unit.

    Your AC unit uses a refrigerant. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, your air conditioning unit will not work properly. You should never attempt to check refrigerant yourself. It is contained in a pressurized system and is often toxic. This is best to leave for Lake Country Repair. The right tools are needed and the right refrigerant.

    Older AC units probably use Freon, also known as R22, which is being phased out as it is an ozone depleting chemical and will not be produced anymore after 2020. Newer AC units use refrigerants such as GENETRON AZ-20®, SUVA 410A®, Forane® 410A, and Puron®.  Lake Country Repair knows which refrigerant to use for which system. All AC systems that currently use Freon and still be  charged and old Freon will be recycled.

    We service all areas in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties including air conditioning repair in Wauwatosa

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