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Heating Service Contracts

All home in Wisconsin have a furnace and the need to have them in good working order. The Wisconsin winters are unpredictable and fickle. Why add unpredictability to your furnaces' ability to deliver the heat needed when needed. Lake Country Repair can take most of the uncertainty away for all homeowners in the greater Milwaukee area as we service the entire area, including Germantown. When you have an annual service contract with us we will come early in the heating season to clean, inspect  and adjust your furnace for optimum service. No need to remember, we will call you to set up the service appointment. This will take one of the getting ready for winter of you active list of things, you have better things to focus on. With proper maintenance your furnace can last up to 20 years.

Furnace Heating ServicesEffects of Neglect

Neglecting your furnace will cause break downs at the most inopportune times, always right before you welcome visitors to you  home. Neglect will also create higher bills as a simple worn out part replacement, that would have been done in an annual inspection, will not take only take the whole furnace system down but often cause additional pieces to fail. Also a furnace that is being neglected often has a very dirty air filter as well causing the system to have to work harder to get the air to flow wearing parts quicker and costing you more in your heating bill

What is included in the annual furnace inspection:

  • Inspection of
    • heat exchanger
    • burners
    • piping/ duct work in and out of the furnace
    • air intake
    • motors
    • belts
    • electrical components
  • Adjustment of burners and Carbon-monoxide testing.
  • Replacement of air filter, or cleaning permanent filters
  • Clean out of drainage hoses
  • Lubrication of motors
  • Thermostat checking
  • Replacement of worn out parts (this will have a part and install fee outside of the inspection fee)

Now you can rest assured that you are not leaving money on the table by running an ineffectient system, are safe from carbon monoxide exposure and will have a warm home.

To start your annual service contract, call us today at (262) 443-4492

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