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Your Heating Duct Work

An integral part of an efficient heating and cooling system, yet often ignored and forgotten is the ductwork. Yet, it is very important as it is THE way to get heat from your furnace to the rooms in your house, much like the bloodvessels provide for the cells in the body, the duct work of your furnace or AC unit provides heat or cooling to your home. However it is possible that your duct work is putting as much as 30% of the heat into places you do not need to heat. Eventho Lake Country Repair is not in the duct work business, we feel it is important for you to be educated.

Germantown duct workDuct Work Cleaning?

There are many companies that advertise the benefits of duct work cleaning and often this is recommended every 5 years or so. However contrary to sales tactics, clean duct work does not improve the efficiency of the furnace. It also does little to the indoor air quality as that is more so determined by the overall sealing of the home to the outside. However preventing air leakage from the duct work does increase furnace efficiency. Insulating duct work is also important.

Duct Work Sealing

As warm or cold air makes it through your home via the duct, any duct area that is not sealed properly will leak warm or cold air and fail to deliver this to the registers where wanted and needed. Properly sealed duct work improves efficiency saving you money!

How Can You Tell if Your Duct Work is Leaking?

Do you have significant warm or cold spots in floors near duct work underneath? This may be an indication that you are heating the space between rafters and floor joists and not the room itself.

Do you have rooms in your home that always seem "stuffy" or uncomfortable?

How Do I Correct Leaking Duct Work

The lesser expensive way to correct air leaks is by taping over the leak from the outside of the duct work.  This works well when the duct work is visible and accessible. Use mastic sealant or metal tape and insulate all the ducts. Contrary to its name duct tape is NOT a good sealant for this as it will not hold up well over time.
When ducts are in between dry wall and floor joists this is not an option. Aerosealing may be an option for you in this case. Aerosealing will blow small particles through your duct work that will attach themselves to all the leak areas, sealing them off.



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