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Germantown Heating and Cooling

Professional HVAC Contractors for heating or air conditioning repairs, maintenance or installation.

The operation of heating and cooling systems in your Germantown home not only provides thermal comfort but also improves the quality of air indoors. Lake County Repair clears your worries away in heating or cooling your Germantown home. Sustaining the optimum running state of your furnace and or air conditioning is our objective. On the day of the maintenance call, you'll be informed about HVAC components that must be replaced, and those which are put on the "watch list". We're accessible any time of the day and we are prepared to repair all makes of furnaces and air conditioning mechanical equipment making use of our fully stocked trucks of HVAC parts. With the vast variety of heating and cooling parts we've got stocked, fixing your problem on the same day is achievable. Read our reviews and then give our HVAC experts a call.

Doug Wandler owner of Lake Country Repair making a Germantown air conditioning repair call What's the Definition of HVAC?

HVAC is the acronym equivalent of Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning. Do not think that the Air Conditioning necessary mean cooling summer heat, in this case it means conditioning the indoor air to acceptable comfort, regardless of this being heating or cooling.


Ventilation includes both the exchange of air to the outdoors and also circulation of air within your Germantown home. Good quality of air has three main benefits - general comfort, allergy suppression, and reduced risk of diseases. We also don't want our home to smell! It (the ventilation) is a crucial factor for sustaining acceptable indoor quality of air in your homestead. You should also consider safety vital. Did you know that carbon monoxide with 0.1% concentration is enough to kill an individual? Properly venting these and other combustion byproducts is paramount.

Heating Systems

There are several ways to heat a home. Samples of heat-generating means include wood, propane tank, boiler (circulating hot water), and electricity (think based-board heat in a room addition). In areas like South Eastern Wisconsin, natural gas is the most popular. Unless it's a wood burning stove, we handle servicing of all systems. Sorry, we do not do chimney examinations as we are not an authorized chimney professional!

We can help you whatever air conditioning or heater brand you've got and you can also use Smart Home Apps to offer you assistance. We are not only factory trained but Trane certified as well. The following are samples of brands contained in our service:

HVAC, Heating and Air Conditioning Services we Provide to Germantown Residents:

We offer Air Conditioning needs, from installation to maintenance services

Read articles in our blog that give you guidelines on lowering your cooling consumption.

Heating installation and maintenance

Our experts are also capable of installing and sustaining electic, gas and zone heating. People, particularly in Wisconsin, who have bigger homes commonly utilize zone heating as they can select what parts of their house that should be heated or not.

How Do I Take Care of My HVAC?

The most significant and simplest thing you can do to provide comfort and safety to your family members is replacing the filters in your heating/ cooling system at the recommended factory intervals. Some air filters will last a season, others must be replaced once a month. Maintaining tidy air filters will save you money, since your furnace will have to work harder to push air through a dirty filter. Clean filters will also offer better indoor air and reduces deterioration of your HVAC system. Get Lake County Repair for routinely scheduled upkeep to stay cool or warm when needed at all times.

Some Fun Facts About Germantown

In July 2007, Germantown was ranked the 30th most appealing place to live in the United States by Money Magazine and also was on the list in 2009 and 2011.

The village of Germantown is recognized as Washington County's oldest settled town, having enticed a great number of German settlers back in the 1840s.

The Germantown area encompasses the following zip codes: 53017, 53022. 53037 and 53076.

Germantown WI HVAC Contractors for Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Services in Germantown Wisconsin

Heating & Cooling

Your heating & cooling should not call attention to itself with incorrect temperature output or unwanted noise in your home or building.


Appliance Repair

Don't worry about your high-end appliances. We are factory-trained, professionals who want to keep all your appliances running as they should.