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Heating and Cooling Services in Fox Point WI

Heating and cooling systems provide thermal comfort and create acceptable indoor quality of air. Heating or Cooling your Fox Point home should not be a source of worry if you use expert Lake Country Repair local HVAC contractors. Read our heating and air conditioning reviews of our company to the left. Our task would be to keep the ideal operating condition of your furnace and or air conditioner. On the day of the maintenance, you'll be informed about HVAC components that should be changed, and those which are put on the €watch list€. Our trucks are well stocked so we often have the replacement part that may be needed for your furnace or AC unit on our truck, saving all of us time and money.

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Fox Point WI SunsetWhat Does HVAC Actually Mean?

HVAC means Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Apart from being a perfect means to cool during warm days, or heat during cold days, air conditioning is important to condition the air inside your Fox Point WI home to a comfortable level.


Ventilation circulates indoor air and will take air in and out at your home. Overall comfort, allergy reduction, and healthy body are among the perks of having good, healthy air quality in your home. Besides, no one likes a smelly home!  Are you aware that a 0.1% concentration of deadly carbon monoxide is dangerous? Through proper ventilation, the risks associated with this chemical along with other combustion products are considerably lowered.

Heating Systems

There are numerous strategies to make a home achieve a warm temperature. Natural gas is mostly used, specifically in South Eastern Wisconsin. Heat generation is also feasible with the use of propane tanks, wood, electricity (think baseboard heat in a room addition), or a boiler (circulation of warm water). We service all systems except your wood burning stove! To learn more about heating and cooling services, visit out heating and cooling page.


We service all brands and could help you with today's Smart Home Apps. Our crew is factory trained and Trane certified. The following are examples of some of the brands within our service:

  • Trane
  • American Standard
  • Carrier
  • Frigidaire
  • Bryant

What We Offer to the Residents in Fox Point WI:

We do installation and maintenance of your AC unit

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Heating installation and maintenance

Our installation and maintenance service covers electric, gas and zone heating. When you have a large home and you don't want to heat all its areas, especially the basement, zone heating is recommended.

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What's the Best Maintenance I Can Do Myself?

Doing a little simple maintenance on your HVAC system will save you money and prevent premature breakdowns. The most essential and simplest thing you can undertake to provide safety and comfort to your family members is changing the filters in your heating/ cooling system at the appropriate manufacturer intervals. Some hvac filters require a brand new one after 3 months while others can just work well for a month. A dirty filter increases your power bills since it triggers your heater to function twice as hard just to drive air. Having clean air filters at all times won't just help you save money but also prolongs the lifespan of your HVAC system and boost indoor air quality. In addition to that, maintain the cleanliness of your system and utilize Lake County Repair to get regular scheduled maintenance, so you do not get caught with a cold or hot home.

Interesting Facts and Why We Love Fox Point WI

Fox Point is a northern Milwaukee suburb along Lake Michigan. It was rated in 2017 by Niche as number 3 out of 440 of great places to live in Wisconsin.

Dutch settlers arrived in what is now Fox Point as early as the 1840s. They build a schoolhouse, a Dutch Reformed church, and a cemetery that has markers dating to 1854. Today the Dutch Pioneer Cemetery is a Wisconsin registered landmark.

Fox Point zip code: 53217

Fox Point WI HVAC Contractors for Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Services in Fox Point WI

Heating & Cooling

Your heating & cooling should not call attention to itself with incorrect temperature output or unwanted noise in your home or building.


Appliance Repair

Don't worry about your high-end appliances. We are factory-trained, professionals who want to keep all your appliances running as they should.