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Elm Grove Heating and Cooling Services

Your home could achieve thermal comfort and good indoor air quality by making use of cooling and heating systems. If your Elm Grove home has heating or cooling problems, use Lake County Repair. Keeping yor furnace or air conditioner in maximum running condition is our goal. We will alert you when we perform regularly scheduled maintenance, about which parts are perhaps in need of replacement or have to be put on the €watch list€. Our technicians and fully stocked trucks. We will work hard to meet your timing. Call for hours and availability. We can usually solve the problem the same day.

What is the Meaning of HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning. Air Conditioning doesn't always apply as a way of cooling during sunny days. Whether you're heating or cooling the house, air conditioning (not cooling!) makes sure that the indoor air is comfortable. HVAC is the art of indoor environmental comfort.


Ventilation includes both exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within your Elm Grove home. Overall comfort, allergy reduction, and healthy body are among the perks of having good quality of air in your home. We don't want our house to smell, or be unsafe! Are you aware that carbon monoxide with a 0.1% concentration is enough to kill a person? It is vital to vent combustion byproducts like this properly.

Heating Systems

There are several ways to heat a home. Natural gas is normally used, particularly in South Eastern Wisconsin. Heat generation is also achievable with the use of propane tank, wood, elecriticity (think baseboard heat in a room addition), or a boiler (circulation of warm water). We accept repairs and maintenance of all systems but we don't service wood burning stove! Nor are we chimney sweeps!

Smart Home Heating

However we can help you with all heating and cooling brands you have and we are also versed into Smart Home Apps to control your systems from the office or during your get-aways. Our crew is factory trained and Trane licensed. Some of the brands we work on are:

  • Trane
  • American Standard
  • Carrier
  • Frigidaire
  • Bryant

Available Services in Elm Grove:

We install and maintain air conditioning units

We install and maintain heating units

Read about a number of tips for saving money in your cooling bills

Heating installation and maintenance

Our installation and maintenance service covers electric, gas and zone heating. If you have a big home and you do not want to heat all its areas, particularly the basement, zone heating is suggested. Many houses in Wisconsin actually make use of this heating technique.

How You Can Help Maintain Your Heating and Cooling Systems:

Your family members need comfort and safety and one method to do that is installing a brand new set of filters in your heating or cooling system periodically. Some air filters will last a season, others need to be changed once a month. A few of the benefits of clean air filters are better indoor air, reduced heating bills, and longer life of HVAC system. Aside from that, maintain the cleanliness of your system and utilize Lake County Repair to have regularly scheduled maintenance.

Elm Grove Plank Road

Some Fun Elm Grove Facts

Something we all already know, but Business Insider named Elm Grove as America's best suburb in October 2014.

Do you know the story behind Water Town Plank Rd? In 1848 a group of individuals decided to start laying more than 650,000 white oak timbers and planks to make it easier to travel the 58 miles from Milwaukee to Watertown. In 1856, the railroad, later to be known as the Milwaukee Road, laid a track line which intersected the plank road. This newly created intersection became a development opportunity for businesses and Elm Grove was started. Railroad officials charged with choosing a name to designate the stop apparently took one look at the vast growth of trees and said, €We€ll call it Elm Grove.€ Before long, a U.S. Post Office, inn, train depot, general store, mill, and tavern were in operation.

The Elm Grove zip code is 53122

Elm Grove WI HVAC Contractors for Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Services in Elm Grove WI

Heating & Cooling

Your heating & cooling should not call attention to itself with incorrect temperature output or unwanted noise in your home or building.


Appliance Repair

Don't worry about your high-end appliances. We are factory-trained, professionals who want to keep all your appliances running as they should.