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Ducted Zone Heating in Waukesha or Milwaukee County

Furnace ThermostatAs winters in Wisconsin can be be brutal and people do not always have the need to heat every room in the house, zone heating may be a good option. If you have a room in the home that you do not use often and would like to save some money the installation of zone heating within your ducted system may be of interest. The installation is more expensive than a regular heating system but the increased comfort levels and the financial savings of not heating or cooling unused rooms in the winter or summer will bring savings over time. Since these systems are more complex it is important to maintain them correctly and Lake Country Repair has the expertise and know how to keep your system in optimum condition for residents in the greater Waukesha area.

In a zone heating situation, thermostats are installed in the areas, or zones that can or should be individually controlled, so a main bedroom, a basement and upstairs a guest room are all good zones. A zone control panel will be installed on your furnace that is tied to additional dampers that are installed in the duct work of your furnace. The zone control panel controls the dampers in the system and depending on the settings of the thermostats in the different zones will either close or open the dampers to let heat through or stop it

Zone heating is also great for those guest that visit you in the winter that come from Florida or other warm places in the country. Set the thermostat in their rooms to 76? put keep your house at the 70? that you usually do.

Questions about Zone Heating, and ductless systems, check out our ductless zone heating page.

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