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Dryer Repair
Waukesha & Milwaukee Counties

There are basically two types of dryers,  based on what powers them, either gas or electricity. Gas dryers cost about half as much as an electric dryer to run.

How Does a Dryer Work

Dryers continuously draw in the cool, dry air around them and heat it before passing it through the tumbler (the drum you put the clothes in). The resulting hot, humid air is vented outside to make room for more dry air to continue the drying process. It is a simple and reliable method.

Lake Country dryer repair Waukesha, MilwaukeeCommon Dryer Problems:

  • Dryer will not start
  • Cycle time is too long - a load of clothes should be dry in about 45 minutes
  • Clothes are not getting dry
  • Dryer trips the breaker
  • Dryer will not stop
  • Dryer stops in the middle of the cycle leaving you with wet clothes.
  • Dryer is noisy (more so than normal and not being caused by sneakers in the dryer or coats with heavy metal zippers!)

Lake Country Repair can assist you for dryer repair in Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Lake Country areas. We are able to do dryer repairs for all brands. For an honest repair estimate, give us a call today.

Simple maintenance tip:

Clean your lint filter every time you run the dryer! This will prevent the dryer from having to work extra hard, costing you more money and keeps you safe as lint build up when it moves into the exhaust (vent) line can cause a fire! If your filter is clogged, a soft brush, water and some dish soap will restore it to almost new condition!

A "deep lint clean" however, is a job for Lake Country Repair. We will disassemble the machine and remove lint from all areas that are not accessible. Call us today for dryer repairs or vent cleaning at (262) 443-4492 or (414) 343-6184.

Safety Tip for dryers in older homes

Is your dryer vent made out of white vinyl tubing? Replace this as soon as possible, the white vinyl venting is flammable, prone to collect lint and could cause a house fire. Can't replace this yourself? Lake Country Repair can help you and keep you safe. All national and local building codes now require metal vents.

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