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Dishwasher Repair
Waukesha & Milwaukee Counties

lake country dishwasher repair serviceToday's dishwashers have many features like:

  • A soil sensor.
  • An adjustable upper rack.
  • A delayed-start feature.
  • A stainless-steel tub.
  • All hidden controls.
  • Adjustable tines.
  • Ample flatware slots.
  • Time-remaining display.

Dishwashers have an average life-span of about 10 years and dishwashers you find in the stores today with the federal EPA's voluntary Energy Star standard seal are using 9 percent less electricity and 27 percent less water than older models.

Some of the common mistakes people will make with their dishwasher that cause complaints are:

  • Overloading- it there are too many dishes in the machine, the water can not reach everything and leave you with dirty dishes.
  • Using the wrong detergent- read your owners manual and use the recommended soaps - the wrong detergent can leave a film on your dishes.
  • Out of balance loads - they will cause leaking through the door, also make sure nothing blocks the door when closing the dishwasher.
  • Blocked sprayers - make sure nothing blocks the sprayer inside the dishwasher, it needs to rotate freely so watch out with tall items.
  • Not starting - is the door properly latched, the circuit breaker and the power to the machine on?

Did you not do any of the above mentioned mistakes, have dirty dishes or the machine will not run at all?

Then it is time to call Lake Country Repair to have them take a look at your dishwasher. We will give you an honest assessment on the condition of your dishwasher.We are able to do dishwasher repair on all brands and provide dishwasher repair services to Lake Country, plus Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties.
Dishwasher Repair - Waukesha area: 262-443-4492 or the Milwaukee area: 414-343-6184.

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