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Commercial Refrigeration

Businesses have very varied refrigeration needs depending on the type of business they are. Lake Country Repair can service, maintain and repair any of these for you. Set up a regular maintenance schedule with us so you can rest assured that your inventory does not spoil due to an unexpected failure.

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Meat Merchandiser Cooler

Store Refrigeration:

  • Commercial Glass Door Refrigerators, either smaller ones near check out counters with soda choices or large ones for milk etc.
  • Island Merchandisers, often used near the deli departments to provide quick premade salads, cheeses and meats.
  • Open Air Merchandisers, often used near produce departments
  • Dual Temperature Refrigerators and Freezers to allow different items that require different cooling temperatures to be displayed next to each other.
  • Large Walk in Coolers for the warehouse back end of the store for storage and resupply.

Restaurant Refrigeration:

  • Worktop Refrigerators for the food preparation areas to supply a cool surface that keeps the foods and provides storage below. Sandwich stores will use these heavily.
  • Bar Equipment with cooled cabinets and bar taps

Other Types of Commercial Refrigeration:

Deli Counter RefrigerationBlast Chillers- think a refrigerator on steroids, cooling foods quickly to a low temperature to reduce bacterial growth. Blast Chillers aim to reduce the temperature from cooked food from 160°F to 37°F within 90 minutes . Catering business are heavy users of this equipment

Pass-Through refrigerators - Used in laboratories, pharmacies to keep medicines at the correct temperature and allowing a pharmacist easy access for dispensing or restaurants for the same easy access between different sections of the kitchen.

Milk and Dairy Coolers - Used in schools, ice cream shops and more. Grade A milk is carefully produced, processed and packaged in order to protect the safety of the consumer. Milk tastes best at 35°F, but should be kept below 40°F. The cooler refrigerated milk is kept, the longer it lasts and the safer it is. As milk is allowed to warm,bacteria grow more rapidly. Properly refrigerated, milk can withstand about two weeks' storage.

Read more about our other commercial services. We do not only service your refrigeration needs but also your heating and commericial ovens and grills

Heating & Cooling

Your heating & cooling should not call attention to itself with incorrect temperature output or unwanted noise in your home or building.


Appliance Repair

Don't worry about your high-end appliances. We are factory-trained, professionals who want to keep all your appliances running as they should.


Commercial Refrigeration

Keep your refrigeration equipment running at its best. Ask about our regular maintenance program to avoid unwanted equipment downtime.