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Appliance Repair Tips and Things to check before you call.

Lake Country Repair understands the frustration that you the customer has when you are planning to cook, run a load of dishes in the dishwasher, a load of laundry and nothing happens. The timing is never right, you are busy and you just want to get the task done. However, here are a few quick and easy things to check before you call us. You may even be able to resolve the issue yourself.

Before call checklist:

  • Dishwashers in newer homes usually have a switch on an outlet, much like and light switch. Make sure it is on - someone may have inadvertently turned your dishwasher off.
  • Is the appliance plugged into the correct outlet?  Newer homes sometimes have a switch where you control a bottom or top outlet of a set of two for quick turning on or off of multiple items.
  • Are drains draining correctly? Is there a utensil  in the bottom of your dishwasher obstructing the drain?
  • Is the gas to your gas stove on?
  • Are the condenser coils on your refrigerator clean?

If you answered yes to all these questions and you are still not able to use the appliance call Lake Country Repair.

Most of the problems with appliances occur in the timing device or a mechanical/power device. It can be a needle in a haystack to find the faulty piece. We will methodically step through the workings of your appliance and test each device until we find the broken part.

Did you know there are 5 major appliance manufacturers in the USA and Canada?  The five big brands are Whirlpool®, General Electric®, Frigidaire®, Amana® and Maytag®. However, you as a consumer may have a Hotpoint®, Franklin® or Gibson® appliance. We at Lake Country Repair know all the co-branding and we know that parts for a Franklin are available from Frigidaire.We work with the manufacturers, our employees get factory training and our parts come from the correct manufacturer with new warranties attached if applicable.

We carry many of the most common parts on our trucks so we are often able to repair your appliance in one service call. Getting your appliance back in working order is our number one priority. We also have all the right tools to do the repair quickly and correctly.

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